Ang Dating Daan’s 35th year and a Guinness World Record

Last October 12, 2015, Members Church of God International (MCGI) officially bagged the Guinness World Record for the Largest Gospel Choir with 8,688 participants. The attempt was part of a celebration of MCGI’s Religious Program Ang Dating Daan or The Old Path’s 35th year.

The group has been known in its rigor in propagating the Word of God in every nation possible.

MCGI’s Ang Dating Daan (ADD) television program that started in the Philippines is translated in different languages via The Old Path (TOP) Channel for English-speaking countries, TV Verdade for Portuguese-speaking countries and TV La Verdad for Spanish-speaking population aired via satellite in almost 70 countries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

MCGI has been also known for its charitable works such as 911-UNTV (8688): News and Rescue in Metro Manila and in key cities around the Philippines, Cleanup Drives, Clinic ni Kuya (Free Clinic), Job Fair ni Kuya, Law Center ni Kuya (Free Legal Counseling), Libreng Sakay (Free One-Ride Bus Ride), Manibela Academy, Munting Pangarap TV program (Simple Wish), Transient Home, UNTV Fire Brigade and UNTV Mobile Radio Booth.

The Guinness World Record attempt raised over three million Philippine Peso for people with disabilities. The chorale group sang 5 original compositions, composed by Choir Member Mr. Norman Rueda for 15 minutes. The adjudicator was overcome with emotion by watching the breath-taking performance of the Ang Dating Daan Chorale.






Sleep tight, little one
Let the clouds roll by
Let the time pass by
Don’t think you missed a chance.

You’ll soon be on that beautiful place
Where war and crimes do not exist
Where there is no conflict to cease
Where you will no longer worry or cry.

Where bombs do not exist and your heart explodes in happiness
Where you will drown only in joy and laughter.
Sleep tight, little one.
You’ll sure be in Paradise.

[Lena Bitare ©]


LIBF: A day and night of astonishment

“She dreamt of flying”

 Her dreams are as high as a hot air balloon
In the skies they fly, as free as a kite
Passing lights boomed the sky
With music so loud, she felt the ground
With winds blowing, she’ll capture the sunlight
With this hot air balloon, she’ll seize the night

This is a poem I made while I was at the second Lubao International Balloon Festival, (LIBF) the biggest annual hot air balloon festival in Southeast Asia.

Some of the sponsors of  LIBF are UNTV 37, a Philippine television station owned by Progressive Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) and operated by Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International, Wish 1075 FM, the first with Mobile FM radio booth bus and Philippine Bloggers Network.

The event that ran from March 26 to 29, 2015 featured more than 40 hot air balloons from different countries from Europe and USA, including Germany and Malaysia.

I had my transportation free of charge as I rode the Wish FM radio booth bus going to Lubao, Pampanga, where the event was held.

With just 250 pesos, I enjoyed a lot and had a chance to unwind from the Metro’s everyday stress.

SM Pampanga's hot-air balloon being blown.

SM Pampanga’s hot-air balloon being blown || Photo Credit: Rob Clarita

The sky was filled with special balloons with stunning designs: a Darth Vader shaped balloon soaring up the sky got me thinking, what if Luke Skywalker is up above and saw Darth Vader, would he be happy to see him? (Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader’s son in the movie Star Wars) There was also Humpy Dumpy who do not sat on a wall, but is flying as a hot air balloon (Based on nursery rhyme Humpy Dumpy)

Though the weather back then was hot, still it’s fun to watch hot air balloon like Clown, Yoda and Frog fly high up above the sky.

Birthday Cake hot-air shaped balloon made me crave for food. As a response to my tummy’s call, I went to the Food Festival. There were a lot of vendors, that you wouldn’t mind being hungry more than 3 times. I suddenly realized the event was not held just for fun but also, it improved the possibility of tourism growth in the city and helped the locales in their living.

Kite-flying was also possible for some who attended the event because it was held at an open field in Barangay Prado Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga. There are several ways to unwind on events like this, it just needed a piece of a creative mind and an adventurous soul to do so.

Para-gliders catching the sunset||Photo Credit: Rob Clarita

Para-gliders catching the sunset||Photo Credit: Rob Clarita

At night, is the astonishing Fireworks Display. It was almost impossible to translate my astonishment into words. It has always been magnificent to watch lights burst from the sky in a distance as close as it was from that display. I guess it’s best enjoyed by couples and of those die-hard romanticists. But even if you’re not that romantic, who could resist the fireworks? I bet Katy Perry would agree. (Katy Perry sang a song entitled Fireworks)

Other activities happened such as: Balloon Fight, Motor Paragliding Show, Night Glow,  Bazaar, Cultural Presentation, Paint Ball Exhibition, Carnival Rides and ATV Rides. I’ve seen a lot of families and a lot of laughter during the event, thus one can conclude that LIBF is not just an international competition but also brings the family closer together

Miniature hot-air balloon as souvenirs || Photo Credit: Rob Clarita

Miniature hot-air balloon as souvenirs || Photo Credit: Rob Clarita

Bands and performers rocked the four-day event. The Chocolate Factory and Eureka performed on March 26. Following them were the Final Four of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2: Alisah Bonaobra, Rence Rapanot, Leah Patricio and Jason Dy together with DJ Papi. Kamikazee and DJ Euric performed on March 28. And in March 29, we enjoyed Mitoy with the Draybers.

No wonder, LIBF is a must-see balloon festival in Southeast Asia. Come next year, God-willing, I will visit the LIBF again for this event is a truly fun affair in a hot summer days like these.

Other info: Tickets can be purchased at SM ticket outlets located at SM Cinema area or you can visit for online purchases.

LIBF was organized by Pilipinas InternationalBalloon Festival, Inc. (PIBF) together with Arts, Culture and tourism office (ACTO) and Provincial Government of Pampanga.

Ang Dating Daan, Global on its 34th Year

The program Ang Dating Daan, hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano, turns 34 last October 30, 2014. The celebration calls for a Worldwide Bible Exposition held at the Big Dome where thousands gathered. The program which became popular because of its uniqueness and because of its host’s undisputed win on debates has now reached many parts of the World thru its broadcasts. During the old days, Bro. Eli’s voice was only heard at the northern part of Luzon. Now, non-Filipino people around the globe are hearing the preaching of Bro. Eli and being converted in faith.


The program “Ang Dating Daan”, the Filipino version of “The Old Path” was first aired in 1980 in a local radio station, DWWA 2160 KHz. Its producer Members of the Church of God International, with Bro. Eliseo F Soriano as its Presiding Minister, launched the program in a National Television thru Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC 13) in 1983.

The program gained popularity because of its unique Question and Answer portion “Itanong Mo Kay Soriano, Biblia Ang Sasagot” where guests can ask question deriving from any topic under the sun. Today, the segment remains incomparable as no other evangelist welcomes queries of its audience.


The program, which focuses on tackling Biblical teachings and debunking unchristian doctrines, had turned many lives’s 360 degree. People who were drunkard and doing vices were testifying on how their lives were changed thru the program on the following sites:

An excerpt from a newly baptized member “I feel light. And until now, I feel relieved deep inside my heart. My life felt very burdensome and heavy. I used to hear other teachings before, but what I’m listening to now is really different.

I told myself this is really the right one. We really need to show charity, live by what we have heard, because it’s all true. That’s what we really need in our time.

I started listening to Bro. Eli through radio. I was in the province of Isabela before and I was in a different church. I went to a lot of different churches in the past.”



In 2000, Ang Dating Daan was broadcasted via Internet, having its English counterpart “The Old Path”. Nine years later, the program held its Latin America Broadcast. Today, the program which has started from only one dialect is now being heard in more than 70 countries in five languages. “Ang Dating Daan” has spread over the internet and now via satellite and has reached the Western part of the globe.

Click here for the broadcast schedule of the program.

Over the years, it has been very evident that the efforts of MCGI leaders Bro. Eli Soriano and Vice Presiding Minister Bro. Daniel Razon in preaching the Gospel has been fruitful with God’s help. The program and its main host Bro. Eli Soriano was also recognized by award giving bodies. Here are some of the awards given to the program and to its host:

  • Sons and Daughters of Charity Inc., awards its Plaque of Recognition to Ang Dating Daan “Radio Television Program” , February 1998
  • Federation of Filipino Consumers Inc, awarded Bro. Eli Soriano “Outstanding Man of the Year”, December 1998
  • Development of Filipino Youth Inc, gave Bro. Eli Soriano “Golden Heart Public Service Award”, February 1999
  • People’s Vision Magazine hailed Bro. Eli Soriano as “Outstanding Religious Crusader – Ang Dating Daan”
  • The Website of “Ang Dating Daan” has won the Most Popular Website of the Philippines given by Philweb; gaining landslide victory over its closest competitors in 2002-2007,



Commemorating their 34th Anniversary, Public Service was done simultaneously in different parts of the globe by Members of Church of God International.

Major cities in Bolivia such as Cochabamba, La Paz and Sta. Cruz conducted cleanliness drive campaigns, hospital and orphanage visits, as well as feeding programs in key locations. MCGI in Liberia offered free clinic services while MCGI Ghana concentrates its efforts in a charity home for African and Liberian refugees. Blood drives were held consecutively in some select North and South America areas, such as Vancouver, Canada, as well as in Puerto Rico. MCGI in New York, New Jersey and Maryland of North America held clean-up drives in major city areas as well as donate to food and clothes banks in their areas. Meanwhile, MCGI brethren from the Philippines’ three major islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao participated in a wave of community-building efforts that include medical missions and clean-up drives.

A Bible Exposition was also held as part of the 34th Celebration of the program. A Question and Answer portion was also held to give answers to the audience around the globe. The Bible Exposition was hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano and was broadcasted simultaneously on 1,360 satellite monitoring centers#


Shot taken during the ADD Bible Exposition.  Credits:

Shot taken during the ADD Worldwide Bible Exposition.

Kuya Daniel Razon on stage during the Worldwide Bible Exposition held at the Big Dome

Kuya Daniel Razon on stage during the Worldwide Bible Exposition held at the Big Dome

A Man in the East

Once there was a man
I heard in the East
A man of a unique brand
Tracked down by feisty beasts

That man I knew
Has loved not a few
That man who is a Bible-smart
Knows charity at heart

He steps with wisdom
With his feet on the ground
Bringing Good News to every land
Spreading Gospel from God

I am lucky to know him
I am blessed to hear Bro Eli!

Five Star Hotel Boycotted Owing to Discrimination

Manila, Philippines – “#NotoSofitel” and “#BoycottSofitelPH” from Day 1 – 8 trends in twitter for days. This was caused by the hotel’s decision to deliberately remove UNTV 37 from their channel listing.

The boycott campaign against the 5-star hotel started on July 14, 20114 when UNTV CEO Kuya Daniel Razon called for support on a Morning Show “Goodmorning Kuya”.

After the call, supporters responded with tweets #NoToSofitel and #BoycottSofitelPH, which ended up trending in Philippine and worldwide in twitter. There were also supporters who cancelled their reservations in Sofitel, and yes, numbers don’t lie.



UNTV CEO Kuya Daniel Razon also said that the reason of this campaign is to fight discrimination. Sofitel Management didn’t follow the “Must Carry Rule” wherein free TV channel should be included in each cable company’s listing. Sky Cable, the hotel’s cable provider carries UNTV 37 on their listing. Sofitel’s Management, on the other hand, never released any official statement about their action.

Another phase of discrimination Sofitel did is with nannies and senior citizens. In this video, Dr. Sarah Barba shares her experience with Sofitel’s unkind act. She was at Sofitel to attend a convention, when she left her kids to their nannies, she has the hope that everything will be alright. But she was surprised to know that the nannies’ kids were not allowed to enter at Sofitel’s buffet, just because of the scrub suit worn.


Photo from Stacey Tee's Timeline Photo

Photo from Stacey Tee’s Timeline Photo

In June 2014, Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal filed a case against the hotel because they did not give him senior citizen discount. Those acts of injustice and discrimination triggered the supporters of UNTV to do a massive but peaceful campaign on social network sites. Tweets were seen everywhere in Twitter about the supporters’ cry for justice.

There were several write-ups released.


The boycott campaign has reached its 8th day today and still, the hotel management didn’t utter a single word about it.


AFP Cavaliers throwned UNTV CUP 2

Manila, Philippines – The Season finale of the only league made of Public Service- UNTV CUP ends on July 8, 2014 at Smart Araneta

The finale ender game, with free entrance and live telecast on UNTV, trends at number one in the Philippines on twitter on Tuesday afternoon from 1 pm with #UNTVCup2Championship 

The ten teams who played this season were Senate Defenders, Philhealth Advocates, MMDA Black Wolves, DOJ Avengers, House of Representatives Solons, LGU Vanguards, Malacanang Patriots, Judiciary Magis, PNP Responders and AFP Cavaliers. The entire season has featured several public servants and celebrities playing for service. Two time MVP Ollan Omiping of PNP Responders once said “It’s play for give”.

This has reflected what UNTV CUP is. The players do not just play for the title nor for the fame, but for charity. For each game, the audience was able to get the chance to seek help from participating government offices thru UNTV Action Center. 

The exhibition game start up the event as UNTV-BMPI Chairman and CEO Kuya Daniel Razon joined the Team Executives on their fight with Team Legislators. The Executives was able to take down Legislators with 5 points, 86-81.On the main event, AFP Cavaliers and PNP Responders battled for the last time. On their last game, AFP Cavaliers shocked the Big Dome with their striking performance thru their improved offense and defense. PNP, on the other hand, assured that they can take the lead from the Cavaliers last week.

AFP Cavaliers was able to take the lead for the first quarter, however, PNP Responders managed to take the lead from them from the second to the third period. With AFP’s unstoppable course of teamwork and powerful tactics and defenses, they were able to defeat PNP with one point, 73-74.

The Cavs was awarded of 1.5 Million which they gave to AFPEBSO – (AFP Educational Benefit System Office) which focuses on the education of children whose parents were Soldiers that were killed and injured while performing their duty. The Responders, on the other hand was able to give P650,000 to Mabuhay Shriners.

Indeed, UNTV Cup is the only basketball league with a heart.